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Mercenaries episode Caves!

2010-01-24 13:17:37 by RaGstudios

Well we forgot to up date our comments when we released the newest installment of Mercenaries. So please give it a watch and maybe drop us a vote and a review.


and might as well watch the first episode too.



Attention! Mercenaries!

2009-12-23 00:35:34 by RaGstudios

It's been a long time, but the next episode of Mercenaries is nearing completion. There are many distractions all around so it's hard to stay focused, but we are getting there. Stay tuned.

Check out the most recent episode


Just a quick update

2009-10-18 14:51:54 by RaGstudios

With NFS: Shift thoroughly beat, work on the next episode of Mercenaries is under way. Voice over is now complete so animation can begin soon. We'll try and keep you updated with our progress so check back once in a while. Since you're here you may a well watch Wizards again, or for the first time if you happened to miss it.


Daily 8th!

2009-10-04 00:32:35 by RaGstudios

Look at that a daily 8th on 9-29-09. Thanks to those who reviewed and voted on our submission. The next episode has been written and the animating will start as soon as R puts down need for speed: Shift. Thanks again and stay tuned for more updates.

(episode in case you missed it)


Work has begun

2009-09-20 04:17:13 by RaGstudios

We are currently busy writing and animating our new series Mercenaries. There are a few episodes currently in the works. Until more are finished check out the pilot; our knowledge has expanded and we are making better use of our talent. Enjoy and thanks for watching.